Subdivision of skeleton that consists of endochondral elements distal to the zeugopodial skeletal elements which constitute the proximal region of the posterior autopod skeleton[PHENOSCAPE:ad]. [ ]

Synonyms: hind mesopodial skeleton hind mesopodium hind mesopodium skeleton skeletal parts of hind mesopodium set of tarsal bones tarsalia tarsal bones set

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external definition

Segment of the leg corresponding to the tarsus. It consists of several elements that articulate with the tibia and fibula at one end and the metatarsals at the other end.[AAO]

external ontology notes

we assume MA:tarsus belongs here, as there is a distinct class MA:ankle, with the tarsal bone being part of the former. XAO:tarsus is part of the hindlimb skeleton. FMA set-of class lacks definition but we assume this to be equivalent.

has related synonym

tarsal bones

homology notes

The three main outgroup taxa of tetrapods, panderichthyids, osteolepiforms, and rhizodontids, have endoskeletal elements corresponding to the stylo- and zeugopodial elements in a tetrapod limb. In addition, there are elements that share the position and possibly the developmental derivation of the ulnare and the intermedium. From these observations, most authors have concluded that the stylo- and zeugopodial elements as well as the proximal mesopodial elements have counterparts in the fins of tetrapod ancestors, but there are no indications of wrist or ankle joints.[well established][VHOG]



taxon notes

Not always associated with digits, in sarcopterygians the ulnare is present without true digits being formed, though their homologous radial elements are present