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Complexity is conferred on the prostate during a postnatal development phase known as branching morphogenesis. Solid cords of prostate epithelium formed in utero elongate postnatally and their tips are bifurcated into primary, secondary, and tertiary branches in a pattern that is unique for each prostate lobe. Branching morphogenesis proceeds differentially for each of the three mouse prostate lobes (ventral, dorsolateral, and anterior) and is completed by about postnatal day 20 in mice, providing each lobe with unique glandular architecture [5]. It is important to note that the developing human prostate undergoes a similar series of morphogenetic events especially during prostatic bud formation, but gives rise to a mature glandular prostate that is unique from the rodent and features peripheral, central, and transitional zones[PMID:18977204]


A solid cord of prostate epithelium.

has exact synonym

epithelial cord of prostate

cord of prostate epithelium