A paired accessory, glandular, androgen-dependent outpouchings of the proximal ductus deferens, one on each side, that produce and secrete lipids and glycogen, components of the seminal fluid; they open into the ampullae at the level of the colliculus seminalis, are lined by simple columnar epithelium with large, oval nuclei, and may be distinguished from those of the prostate as they are surrounded by a characteristic, dense, fibromuscular stroma [ MP:0013323 ]

Synonyms: ampullae of the vas ampullary gland of seminal duct ampulla of the vas

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Term information



plural term
ampullae of the vas



structure notes

usually encapsulated by connective tissue and containing smooth muscle

taxon notes

there is no known human counterpart to the ampullary glands of the mouse[MP]

Ampullary glands are situated in an ampulla-like enlargement of the seminal duct, or embedded in the latter; they are present, eg in the Shrew, Ruminants, and certain Carnivores and Rodents. (Wiedersheim et al., 1907)