A pathway containing fibers from midbrain nuclei that project to the inferior olivary complex, as well as fibers originating in the pontine reticular formation and the medullary reticular formation that project to several nuclei of the thalamus. It can be identified in the midbrain and the pons (Adapted from Brain Info). [ NLXANAT:1010012 ]

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The central tegmental tract is a structure in the midbrain and pons. The central tegmental tract includes ascending axonal fibers which arise from the rostral nucleus solitarius and terminate in the ventral posteromedial nucleus (VPM) of thalamus. Information from the thalamus will go to cortical taste area, namely the insula and frontal operculum. It also contains descending axonal fibers from the parvocellular red nucleus. The descending axons will project to the inferior olivary nucleus. This latter pathway will be used to connect the contralateral cerebellum[Wikipedia:Central_tegmental_tract].