A segment of a digit containing the distal phalanx, and overlapping the distal interphalangeal joint[CJM]. The digit tip is derived from multiple and distinct embryonic origins, and includes the distal bone with associated marrow cavity and haematopoietic cells, ventral (flexor) and dorsal (extensor) tendons, sweat glands with myoepithelial and luminal secreting cells and associated neurons for innervation, dermis with resident melanocytes and dendritic cells, mesenchyme with resident fibroblasts, skin epidermis with hair follicles, a nail organ composed of six specific parts (the root, nail bed, nail plate, eponychium (cuticle), perionychium and hyponychium). [ https://doi.org/10.1038/nature10346 ]

Synonyms: digit tip distal digit segment tip of digit

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development notes

Newborn and adult mice are able to regrow forelimb (finger) and hindlimb (toe) digit tips after their amputation through the distal interphalangeal joint. Regeneration of the digit tip involves the integrated regrowth of multiple tissues within 2-3 months, reaching an external morphology that is cosmetically and functionally similar to normal digits. Most importantly, regeneration of the mouse distal digit shares morphological similarities with clinical cases documenting regrowth of missing distal portions of fingers in both children and adults