Caudalmost epibranchial placode. Associated with 3rd branchial cleft. [ NCBIBook:NBK53175 ]

Synonyms: epibranchial placode 3 vagal epibranchial placode vagal epibranchial placodes nodose placode nodose placodes

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Term information

database cross reference
  • EHDAA2:0004208
  • XAO:0004213
plural term
vagal epibranchial placodes [ XAO:0004213 ]

plural term
nodose placodes [ XAO:0004213 ]


Taxonomic equivalence to EHDAA2 class made on basis of shared development: Gives rise to inferior vagus ganglion. Note that ZFA has 4 vagal placodes

has related synonym

vagal placode

vagal X placode



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