Cranial nerves that carry afferent and efferent fibers for the lateral line system. [ ]

Synonyms: lateral line nerves

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Term information

database cross reference
  • ZFA:0001479
  • AAO:0010077
  • TAO:0001479
plural term
lateral line nerves [ ZFA:0001479 ]

axiom lost from external ontology

relationship type change: part_of_proxy lateral line system (AAO:0000975) CHANGED TO: part_of lateral line system (UBERON:0002540)[AAO]

relationship loss: innervates lateral line receptor organ (AAO:0001001)[AAO]

external definition

Any of the sensory nerves that innervate mechano- and electroreceptors of the lateral line system. The lateral line nerves may be separated in two components, anterior and posterior, in relation to the position of its roots with respect to the otic capsule. These nerves develop from lateral line placodes.[AAO]