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  • Subdivision of endoskeleton derived from pharyngeal arches.
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external definition
  • Anatomical cluster that is part of the cranium and consists of the jaws, hyoid, and branchial arches.[AAO]
  • Anatomical cluster that is part of the cranium and consists of the jaws, hyoid and branchial arches.[TAO]
  • The part of the skull derived from the embryonic pharyngeal arches. [Biology_Online][VHOG]
external ontology notes
  • VSAO labels this term 'pharyngeal arch' (2012-06-01) - however, it clearly means pharyngeal arch skeleton.
  • many sources define this as the part of the endoskeletal that is from pharyngeal arches - this would make it part-disjoint from dermatocranium. However, there are many bones in AOs that have part-paths to both
has exact synonym
  • pharyngeal endoskeleton
  • viscerocranium
has related synonym
  • visceral skeleton
  • pharyngeal arch skeleton
  • pharyngeal arch
  • branchial arch skeleton
  • pharyngeal skeleton
  • visceral skeletal system
  • visceral cranium
  • gill arch skeleton
homology notes
  • The skull of ancestral tetrapods has the three basic components that we have been considering: (1) chondrocranium, (2) splanchnocranium, and (3) dermatocranium (reference 1); Each part of the skull arises from a separate phylogenetic source. The most ancient part is the splanchnocranium (visceral cranium), which first arose to support pharyngeal slits in protochordates (reference 2).[well established][VHOG]
  • UBERON:0008895