A gastric gland in the cardiac region of the stomach; cardiac glands are fewer in number than in the fundus and body, and secrete mucin which coats the stomach and protects it[MP] [ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cardiac_glands MP:0010795 ]

Synonyms: glandula cardiaca (gaster) gardiac gland gastric gland of cardia gastric cardiac mucuous gland gastric cardiac gland

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The cardiac glands of the stomach secrete primarily mucus. They are few in number and occur close to the cardiac orifice where the esophagus joins the stomach. In general, they are more shallow than those in the other parts of the stomach. They are of two kinds: (1) simple tubular glands resembling those of the pyloric end of the stomach, but with short ducts. (2) compound racemose glands resembling the duodenal glands. The cardiac gland is both innervated by the parasympathetic and symapthetic nerve fibres of the autonomic nervous system[Wikipedia:Cardiac_glands].

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Kardong places this in the glandular epithelium, FMA more generally in the mucosa

has related synonym

cardiac gland