Skeletal subdivision consisting of a set of bones linking the axial series to the hindlimb zeugopodium and offering anchoring areas for hindlimb and caudal musculature. [ VSAO:0000155 ]

Synonyms: pelvic girdle skeleton skeleton of pelvic girdle skeletal parts of pelvic girdle

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efo_slim, vertebrate_core

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need to resolve whether this is a paired structure or a single belt (Paired in FMA - implicitly paired in VSAO)

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Girdle skeleton consisting of a set of bones linking the axial series to the hindlimb/fin skeleton and offering anchoring areas for hindlimb/fin and caudal musculature.[VSAO]

Anatomical cluster that consists of the paired basipterygia which support the pelvic fin.[TAO]

Anatomical cluster by which the hind limbs are supported and attached to the vertebral column.[AAO]

external ontology notes

Note that the VSAO and many ontologies use the label 'pelvic girdle' to denote the skeletal region specifically. We place the EHDAA2 class here, note that this includes the pre-cartilage condensation as parts

has related synonym

pelvic girdle

homology notes

The pelvic girdle is never joined by contributions of dermal bone. From its first appearance in placoderms, the pelvic girdle is exclusively endoskeletal. It arose from pterygiophores, perhaps several times, in support of the fin.[well established][VHOG]