The interphalangeal articulations of hand are hinge-joints of the phalanges of the hand. There are two sets (except in the thumb): 'proximal interphalangeal joints' (PIP), those between the first (also called proximal) and second (intermediate) phalanges 'distal interphalangeal joints' (DIP), those between the second and third (distal) phalanges A similar group of articulations also function in the toes. [ ]

Synonyms: articulationes digitorum manus articulationes interphalangeae manus interphalangeal joint of hand

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interphalangeal joint of finger [ NCBITaxon:9606 FMA:35285 ]

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consider renaming: 'finger' is ambiguous as the term in some usages excludes the thumb (we include it)

has narrow synonym

interphalangeal joint of finger

has related synonym

articulations of the digits

interphalangeal articulations of hand

interphalangeal joints of hand

IP joint