hippocampus stratum lacunosum moleculare

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Layer of the hippocampus lying just superficial to the stratum radiatum and bounded by the pial surface of the hippocampus. The fibers of the perforant pathway fibers from entorhinal cortex and several other brain areas terminate in this layer. Adapted from Paxinos, G. The rat central nervous system, 2nd ed, Academic Press, San Diego, 1995, pg. 460) [ ]

Synonyms: lacunar-molecular layer of hippocampus stratum lacunosum-moleculare stratum hippocampi moleculare et substratum lacunosum stratum lacunosum moleculare

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Term information

latin term
stratum hippocampi moleculare et substratum lacunosum [ FMA:83149 FMA:TA ]



structure notes

Here the perforant path fibers form synapses onto the distal, apical dendrites of pyramidal cells.[WP]