One of the minute vascular projections of the fetal chorion that combines with maternal uterine tissue to form the placenta. [ ]

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Term information

plural term
chorionic villi [ MESH:A16.254.403.473.200 ]

plural term
placental villi [ GAID:1300 ]

depicted by

has related synonym

fetal part of placenta

chorionic villus

placental villous

fetal placenta

villous chorion

placental villus

chorionic villous

chorionic villi

embryonic placenta

villous of placenta

embryonic part of placenta

placental villi



structure notes

The bulk of the villi consist of connective tissues in which blood vessels are found. Most of the cells in the connective tissue core of the villi are fibroblasts. Macrophages known as Hofbauer cells are also present.

taxon notes

The mouse and human placentas have labyrinthine and villous types of interdigitation between maternal and fetal tissues, respectively