A diaphysis that is part of a femur[Automatically generated definition]. [ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Body_of_femur ]

Synonyms: femoral shaft femoral diaphysis shaft of femur body of femur corpus femoris

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corpus femoris [ FMA:TA FMA:32847 ]

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The body of the femur (or shaft), almost cylindrical in form, is a little broader above than in the center, broadest and somewhat flattened from before backward below. It is slightly arched, so as to be convex in front, and concave behind, where it is strengthened by a prominent longitudinal ridge, the linea aspera. It presents for examination three borders, separating three surfaces. Of the borders, one, the linea aspera, is posterior, one is medial, and the other, lateral[Wikipedia:Body_of_femur].



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