The appendix testis is a vestigial remnant of the Mullerian duct, present on the upper pole of the testis and attached to the tunica vaginalis. It is present about 90% of the time. [ ]

Synonyms: testis appendix appendix of testis

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See also 'vesicular appendage of epoophoron'. TODO: check vesicular appendages

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editor note

the label hydatid of morgagni is ambiguous w.r.t male vs female. The ncita structure 'hydatic of morgani' is male and thus belongs here.

external definition

a cystlike remnant of the müllerian duct on the upper end of the testis; corresponding female structure: one of the small pedunculated structures attached to the uterine tubes near their fimbriated end; remnants of the mesonephric ducts[].

has broad synonym

hydatid of morgagni

hydatid of Morgani

hydatid of Morgagni

has related synonym

appendix vesiculosus

appendices testis

appendix testis

appendix of the testis