the dense fibrous connective tissue layer that covers the testis. [ MP:0013738 ]

Synonyms: tunica albuginea (testis) testis tunica albuginea

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external definition

The layer of connective tissue covering the testicles. [Wikipedia_(15/09/09)][VHOG]

has broad synonym

tunica albuginea

has related synonym

tunica albuginea testis

tunica albuginea (testicles)

homology notes

The tunica albuginea testis is the major component of the capsule of mammalian testes. (...) Our results from studying the mole provide evidence that the spatio-temporal pattern of testis development is not perfectly conserved in mammals, since we found differences with respect to the mouse testis organogenesis. This fact is even more significant when we consider that, apart from the mouse, the mole is probably the one of the best-known mammalian species in terms of the genetic control of testis development, implying that more peculiarities would be found if more species were investigated.[uncertain][VHOG]



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