Brodmann area 31, also known as dorsal posterior cingulate area 31, is a subdivision of the cytoarchitecturally defined cingulate region of the cerebral cortex. In the human it occupies portions of the posterior cingulate gyrus and medial aspect of the parietal lobe. Approximate boundaries are the cingulate sulcus dorsally and the parieto-occipital sulcus caudally. It partially surrounds the subparietal sulcus, the ventral continuation of the cingulate sulcus in the parietal lobe. Cytoarchitecturally it is bounded rostrally by the ventral anterior cingulate area 24, ventrally by the ventral posterior cingulate area 23, dorsally by the gigantopyramidal area 4 and preparietal area 5 and caudally by the superior parietal area 7 (H) (Brodmann-1909). [ ]

Synonyms: dorsal posterior cingulate area 31 area 31 of Brodmann BA31 Brodmann area 31, dorsal posterior cingulate Brodmann (1909) area 31 area cingularis posterior dorsalis Brodmann area 31 cinguloparietal transition area Brodmann's area 31 B09-31 area 31 of Brodmann-1909

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area cingularis posterior dorsalis [ ]

B09-31 [ BIRNLEX:1765 NIFSTD:SumsDB_abbrevSource ]

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