the posterior section of the developing metencephalon recognized transiently within the vertebrate embryo; the rhombic lip extends posteriorly from the roof of the fourth ventricle to dorsal neuroepithelial cell and can be divided into eight structural units based on rhombomeres 1-8 (r1-r8), recognized at early stages of hindbrain development; producing granule cells and five brainstem nuclei, the rhombic lip plays an important role in developing a complex cerebellar neural system [ ]

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The interface between the dorsal neuroepithelium and the roofplate of the fourth ventricle. The source of a number of migratory neuron populations of the hindbrain.[TAO]

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presumptive cerebellum
rostral rhombic lip
cerebellar primordium
cerebellum primordium
dorsal part of alar plate of metencephalon
future cerebellum
cerebellar anlage