These structures are referred to as nuclei but have a layered cortical like structure. These areas include the anterior amygdaloid area, posterior amygdaloid area, the periamygdaloid cortex, and the bed nucleus of the accessory olfactory tract. [ ]

Synonyms: CMA corticomedial nuclear group pars corticomedialis (Corpus amygdaloideum) corticomedial nuclear complex set of corticomedial nuclei of amygdala amygdalar corticomedial nucleus corticomedial nuclei of amygdala

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Term information

latin term
corpus amygdaloideum pars olfactoria [ NeuroNames:238 ]

latin term
corpus amygdaloideum pars corticomedialis [ NeuroNames:238 ]

has related synonym

corpus amygdaloideum pars corticomedialis
corpus amygdaloideum pars olfactoria