Brodmann area 35, together with Brodmann area 36, is most frequently referred to as perirhinal cortex. [ ]

Synonyms: Brodmann (1909) area 35 Brodmann's area 35 area perirhinalis perirhinal area 35 B09-35 area 35 of Brodmann area 35 of Brodmann-1909 Brodmann area 35, perirhinal Brodmann area 35 BA35

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Term information

B09-35 [ BIRNLEX:1768 NIFSTD:SumsDB_abbrevSource ]



taxon notes

Brodmann found a cytoarchitecturally homologous area in the monkey (Cercopithecus), but it was so weakly developed that he omitted it from the cortical map of that species (Brodmann-1909).

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