The part of the pharyngeal arch skeleton that excludes the skeleton of arches 1 and 2. [ ]

Synonyms: pharyngeal arch 3-7 skeleton gill arch 1-5 skeleton

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Term information

taxonomic disambiguation
branchial arch skeleton [ XAO:0003180 ]

axiom lost from external ontology

relationship type change: subclass anatomical cluster (CARO:0000041) CHANGED TO: part_of anatomical cluster (UBERON:0000477)[TAO]

external definition

Skeletal and cartilage elements of the gill arches; the last five of the set of seven pharyngeal arches; the numbering system can be confusing; generally branchial arch #1 is the first gill arch, or the third pharyngeal arch, but some authors do not follow this convention. Kimmel et al, 1995.[TAO]

external ontology notes

XAO class belongs here, as it clearly refers to arches 3-7. In ZFA this is part_of the pharyngeal arches, but we retain this structure to refer to the embryonic structure

has narrow synonym

gill arches 1-5 skeleton

has related synonym

branchial arch skeleton

pharyngeal arch skeleton 3-7

gill arch skeleton

visceral arch skeleton