The outermost layer of a blood vessel, composed mainly of fibrous tissue. [ ]

Synonyms: adventitia externa tunica adventitia tunica adventitia of vessel

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TODO - note terminological problems. WP says tunica external layer of blood vessel. FMA says tunica externa = adventitia, and is FMA adventitia covers other kinds of vessels. Here we opt for a lengthier name that attempts to disambiguate. There is no precise FMA equivalent, as FMA has tunica externa of arteries, veins, genital ducts etc as siblings

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The outermost layer of a blood vessel, surrounding the tunica media. It is mainly composed of collagen. The collagen serves to anchor the blood vessel to nearby organs, giving it stability[Wikipedia:Tunica_externa_(vessels)].

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external coat

tunica adventitia vasorum

tunica externa vasorum