A ring of cells capable of forming a limb. [ https://www.worldcat.org/search?q=bn%3A9780878932504 ]

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  • the central portion of the limb field gives rise to the limb proper. mesenchyme cells proliferate from from the somatic layer of limb field lateral plate mesoderm (limb skeletal precursors) and from the somites (limb muscle precursors) . these mesenchymal cells accumulate under the ectedermal tissue to make a limb bud. // The lateral plate mesoderm in the limb field is also special in that it will induce myoblasts to migrate out from the somites and enter the limb bud. No other region of the lateral plate mesoderm will do that (Hayashi and Ozawa 1995)
  • A ring of cells capable of forming a limb.
has exact synonym
  • limb field of lateral plate mesoderm
  • UBERON:0005733