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Term information


pheno_slim, vertebrate_core

  • Portion of tissue that gives rise to the lens.
development notes
  • the lens of zebrafish (and other teleosts) forms from delamination of cells from the lens placode; thus, there is no formation of a hollow lens vesicle, in contrast to the situation in mammals and birds (Glass and Dahm, 2004) [PMID:16496288] The lens of the zebrafish forms by delamination of lens placodal cells and not through invagination. This results in a solid spherical mass as opposed to a hollow lens vesicle. Detachment of the solid lens vesicle of zebrafish at 24b26 hpf is accomplished in part by apoptosis, similar to mammals
external definition
  • A vesicle formed from the lens pit of the embryo, developing into the crystalline lens. [TFD][VHOG]
has narrow synonym
  • solid lens vesicle
  • hollow lens vesicle
has related synonym
  • lens mass
  • presumptive lens
  • immature lens
homology notes
  • (...) an essentially similar sequence of events occurs during the embryonic development of the vertebrate eye. The eye initially develops as a single median evagination of the diencephalon that soon bifurcates to form the paired optic vesicles. As each optic vesicle grows towards the body surface, its proximal part narrows as the optic stalk, and its distal part invaginates to form a two-layered optic cup. (...) The optic cup induces the overlying surface ectoderm first to thicken as a lens placode and then to invaginate and form a lens vesicle that differentiates into the lens.[well established][VHOG]
  • UBERON:0005426