Portion of tissue that is the inner layer of the optic cup and will become the neural retina. [ http://zfin.org/curator ]

Synonyms: inner layer optic cup presumptive retinas optic cup inner layer future retinal neural layer future neural retina

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Term information

database cross reference
  • EHDAA2:0001304
  • TAO:0001071
  • VHOG:0000490
  • EMAPA:16675
  • ZFA:0001071


plural term
presumptive retinas [ ZFA:0001071 ]

has related synonym

presumptive retina
future neural epithelium
future NR
future neural layer

homology notes

(...) an essentially similar sequence of events occurs during the embryonic development of the vertebrate eye. The eye initially develops as a single median evagination of the diencephalon that soon bifurcates to form the paired optic vesicles. As each optic vesicle grows towards the body surface, its proximal part narrows as the optic stalk, and its distal part invaginates to form a two-layered optic cup. (...) The outer layer of the optic cup becomes the pigment layer of the retina, whereas the inner layer differentiates into the photoreceptive cells and neuronal layers of the retina.[well established][VHOG]