A limb bud that develops into a hindlimb or pelvic fin. [ OBOL:automatic ]

Synonyms: hindlimb/pelvic fin bud

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Term information

database cross reference
  • TAO:0001384
  • EFO:0003469
  • VHOG:0001260
  • ZFA:0001384


plural term
pelvic fin buds [ ZFA:0001384 ]


at this time we have no need to name a more specific 'pelvic fin bud' class, but we may in future

external definition

Fin bud that develops into the pelvic fin.[TAO]

has related synonym

pelvic fin buds

pelvic fin bud

homology notes

Most anatomists now agree that the three proximal bones of the tetrapod limbs are homologous to the two or three proximal elements of the paired fin skeleton of other sarcopterygians, that is the humerus-femur, radius-tibia, and ulna-fibula.[well established][VHOG]