Innermost layer of neocortex lying deep to the internal pyramidal cell layer defined cytoarchitecturally by cells of varying size. [ NLXANAT:090812 ]

Synonyms: neocortex layer 6 neocortical layer 6 lamina multiformis isocorticis [lamina vi] layer VI of neocortex multiform layer of isocortex [layer vi] neocortical layer VI neocortex layer VI multiform layer of neocortex neocortex multiform layer pleiomorphic layer of neocortex cerebral cortex, layer 6

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Term information

latin term
lamina multiformis isocorticis [lamina vi] [ FMA:77805 FMA:TA ]

latin term
lamina multiformis [ NeuroNames:2451 ]

has related synonym

spindle cell layer

lamina multiformis

isocortex, polymorph layer

fusiform layer

multiform layer