Regional part of telencephalon in some species, e.g., rodent, equivalent to the dorsal striatum (caudate nucleus and putamen). Unlike the dorsal striatum of primates, for example, the caudoputamen is not split into separate nuclei by the fibers of the internal capsule. Rather, the internal capsule splits into fiber bundles which course through the structure. [ ]

Synonyms: caudateputamen caudate putamen caudoputamen

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In the human, histologically the caudate nucleus and putamen are identically and share a common embryological origin[ISBN:0123813611]

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we do not currently place rodent-specific taxon constraints here as this would cause taxon violations. There is an argument for merging this into dorsal striatum and treating the distinction as phenotypic
check - rodents. The caudate nucleus and putamen are separated by a clear white matter bundle in most species but not in rodents (MM)

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dorsal striatum
caudate putamen
caudate putamen (striatum)