Dorsal components of the striatum comprising the caudate nucleus and the putamen, in species that have distinct nuclei; the caudoputamen in species which don't. [ ]

Synonyms: striatum dorsal region

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external definition

It may also refer to both the basal ganglia and the internal capsule collectively.
According to the 1917 version of Gray's Anatomy, it is the combination of the lentiform nucleus (putamen and the globus pallidus) and the caudate nucleus
According to BrainInfo it is a part of the basal ganglia comprising the globus pallidus and striatum
The term dorsal striatum refers to a composite structure of the endbrain that is defined in the striatopallidal system by connectivity and neurochemical staining. It includes most of the striatum ( Heimer-1995 ). The boundary between this structure and the ventral striatum is indistinct in sections stained for Nissl substance.
It may also refer to the putamen and caudate collectively.

has related synonym

striatum dorsale
dorsal basal ganglion
corpus striatum
dorsal basal ganglia
striated body