The layer located immediately above the pyramidal cell layer in CA2 and CA1 and superficial to the stratum lucidum in CA3. Suprapyramidal region in which CA3 to CA3 associational connections and CA3 to CA1 Schaffer collateral connections are located. [ BIRNLEX:1298 ]

Synonyms: stratum radiatum stratum radiatum hippocampi radiate layer of hippocampus

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Term information



latin term
stratum radiatum hippocampi [ FMA:83894 FMA:TA ]

has related synonym

stratum radiatum of the hippocampus



structure notes

contains septal and commissural fibers. It also contains Schaffer collateral fibers, which are the projection forward from CA3 to CA1. Some interneurons that can be found in more superficial layers can also be found here, including basket cells, bistratified cells, and radial trilaminar cells