The lobe at the anterior part of each cerebral hemisphere, responsible for olfactory functions. [ ]

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external definition

Part of the telencephalon, comprised of paired anterior outgrowths of either of the cerebral hemispheres in which the olfactory nerve exits. In Xenopus,the olfactory bulbs begin to fuse at NF stage 50, fusion is complete around NF stage 58. The cerebral vein loops around the olfactory bulb by NF stage 43[XAO:0004180].

homology notes

(In mammals) Odorant detection is mediated by millions of olfactory sensory neurons located in the olfactory epithelium lining the nasal cavity. These neurons transmit sensory signals to the olfactory bulb of the brain, which in turn sends signals to the olfactory cortex.[well established][VHOG]