The lower group of sensory neuron cell bodies associated with the glossopharyngeal nerve[MP]. It is situated in a depression in the lower border of the petrous portion of the temporal bone[WP]. [ ]

Synonyms: inferior glossopharyngeal ganglion glossopharyngeal nerve inferior ganglion inferior glossopharyngeal ganglion of the glossopharyngeal (IX) nerve glossopharyngeal nerve petrous ganglion ganglion of andersch ganglion inferius (nervus glossopharygeus) inferior ganglion of glossopharyngeal nerve extracraniale ganglion ninth cranial nerve inferior ganglion ganglion inferius nervus glossopharyngei

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ganglion inferius nervus glossopharyngei [ FMA:TA FMA:53475 ]

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We follow FMA and VHOG in making the relation subclass

has related synonym

ganglion petrosum
glossopharyngeal inferior ganglion
glossopharyngeal IX inferior ganglion
petrosal ganglion
ganglion inferius nervi glossopharyngei
petrous ganglion



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