A circumscribed mass of ectodermal cells which bud off from the dental lamina; it becomes cup-shaped and develops on its internal face the ameloblast layer of cells that produces the enamel cap of a developing tooth. [ https://github.com/obophenotype/uberon/issues/1313 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Enamel_organ https://github.com/cerivs/zebrafish-anatomical-ontology/issues/107 https://www.worldcat.org/search?q=bn%3A0-683-40008-8 ]

Synonyms: enamel organ dental organ

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Term information


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. Alternate definition: A cellular aggregation seen in histologic sections of a developing tooth. It lies above a condensation of ectomesenchymal cells called the odontogenic papilla.

development notes

NOT develops_from NC[https://github.com/obophenotype/uberon/wiki/The-neural-crest]

external definition

A structure that is involved in tooth formation. A bell shape two layer epithelial structure that descends toward the ceratobranchial 5 bone, enclosing the dental mesenchyme. At later times in tooth development the cells at the apex of the bell may be involved in enameloid formation. This structure remains at the base of the erupted tooth and is the source of replacement teeth.[TAO]

has related synonym

odontogenic organ
organum enameleum



terminology notes

Historically, enamel organ has been the term to describe this structure, but it was attempted unsuccessfully in recent years to change the name to dental organ in order to better represent its multiple functions apart from enamel formation