The primitive cartilagionous skeletal structure of the fetal skull that grows to envelop the rapidly growing embyonic brain. In humans, the chondrocranium begins forming at 28 days from mesenchymal condensations and is fully formed between week 7 and 9 of fetal development. While the majority of the chondrocranium is succeeded by the bony skull in most higher vertebrates, some components do persist into adulthood.[1] In Cartilagious fishes and Agnathans, the chondrocranium persist throughout life.[2] Embryologically, the chondrocranium represent the basal cranial structure, and lay the base for the formation of the endocranium in higher vertebrates[WP]. [ ]

Synonyms: cartilaginous chondocranium cartiligionous skeletal structure of skull

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in contrast to chondrocranium, this structure is entirely cartiliginous. In Chondricthyes this is the same as the neurocranium. FMA:76621 is an undefined fetal structure, so we assume the correct placement is here. Note that this is distinct from MA:0000317 which is the uberon:neurocranium (the part of the cranium that encloses the brain)

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embryonic chondocranium

cartilaginous skull