Skeletal element that consists of the scapula and the coracoid[VSAO, modified]. [ VSAO:0005002 ]

Synonyms: scapulocoracoideum

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axiom lost from external ontology

relationship loss: part_of scapular area (AAO:0000935)[AAO]


editor note

todo - decide whether to create separate classes for cartilage & ossified. Wikipedia considers this absent in Therians, but if considered as a grouping of scapula and coracoid then it would be present

external definition

either a fusion of the scapula and coracoid (the two main bones of the shoulder girdle), or the scapula & coracoid considered as a single structural unit.[Palaeos]

Fused, ossified portions of the scapula, procoracoid, and coracoid.[AAO]

Pectoral fin cartilage that consists of a paired cartilaginous plate of the embryonic primary pectoral girdle and from which the scapular and coracaoid bones ossify.[TAO]

external ontology notes

ZFA defines as precursor to scapula and coracoid. Cartilage in TAO

has narrow synonym

scapulocoracoid cartilage

scapulo-coracoid cartilage

coraco-scapular cartilage