Paired, endochondral bones forming the anterior, and lateral walls of the otic capsules. [ AAO:0000514 ]

Synonyms: prootic

This is just here as a test because I lose it

Term information

database cross reference
  • TAO:0000575
  • EFO:0003542
  • AAO:0000514
  • ZFA:0000575


plural term
prootics [ TAO:0000575 ]

axiom lost from external ontology

relationship loss: overlaps orbitosphenoid-prootic joint (TAO:0001794)[TAO]

relationship loss: overlaps prootic-exoccipital joint (TAO:0002034)[TAO]

relationship loss: overlaps prootic-pterosphenoid joint (TAO:0002033)[TAO]

relationship type change: overlaps neurocranium (TAO:0001580) CHANGED TO: develops_from neurocranium (UBERON:0001703)[TAO]

relationship loss: develops_from basal plate cartilage (TAO:0001425)[TAO]

relationship type change: overlaps neurocranium (TAO:0001580) CHANGED TO: part_of neurocranium (UBERON:0001703)[TAO]

external definition

Endochondral bone that sutures with the pterosphenoid anteriorly, the sphenotic and pterotic dorsally, the parasphenoid ventrally, the basioccipital postero-ventrally, the exoccipital posteriorly, and occasionally, with the intercalar posteriorly. The dorsal edge of the prootic contributes to the hyomandibular facet. The prootic bears foramina that accommodate branches of the trigeminal and facial nerves. The prootic is a paired bone.[TAO]