A tooth- or denticle-covered plate which is attached to the sphenoid stem[Palaeos]. [ http://palaeos.com/vertebrates/bones/braincase/sphenethmoid.html ]

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Term information

database cross reference
  • ZFA:0000561
  • AAO:0000385
  • TAO:0000561
axiom lost from external ontology

relationship loss: overlaps parasphenoid-pterosphenoid joint (TAO:0002217)[TAO]

relationship loss: overlaps parasphenoid-basioccipital joint (TAO:0001832)[TAO]

relationship loss: part_of braincase and otic capsule skeleton (AAO:0000052)[AAO]

external definition

Azygous, dermal bone of intramembranous origin that underlies the ventral surface of the braincase in anurans and salamanders. In caecilians, the parasphenoid and other bones are fused to form the Os basale.[AAO]

Dermal bone that forms part of the base of the skull and the lateral walls of the braincase through its ascending processes. It may articulate with the vomer anteriorly, the prootics and exoccipitals laterally, and the basioccipital posteriorly. The parasphenoid is an elongate median bone.[TAO]

has related synonym

os sphenoideum

os parasphenoidale