The branches of the arcuate arteries of the kidney that radiate outward throught the renal columns and supply the glomeruli[MP]. The first set of renal bloodvessels, the interlobular arteries (or cortical radiate arteries, or cortical radial arteries), are given off at right angles from the side of the arcuate arteries looking toward the cortical substance, and pass directly outward between the medullary rays to reach the fibrous tunic, where they end in the capillary network of this part. These vessels do not anastomose with each other, but form what are called end-arteries. In their outward course they give off lateral branches; these are the afferent vessels for the renal corpuscles; they enter the capsule, and end in the glomerulus. From each tuft the corresponding efferent vessel arises, and, having made its egress from the capsule near to the point where the afferent vessel enters, breaks up into a number of branches, which form a dense plexus within Bowman's capsule. [ MP:0011316 ]

Synonyms: kidney interlobular artery interlobular renal artery

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arteriae interlobulares renis

cortical radial arteries

arteriae corticales radiatae


renal interlobular artery