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B09-26 [ NIFSTD:SumsDB_abbrevSource BIRNLEX:1757 ]

external definition

In the human this area is called ectosplenial area 26. It is a cytoarchitecturally defined portion of the retrosplenial region of the cerebral cortex. It is a narrow band located in the isthmus of cingulate gyrus adjacent to the fasciolar gyrus internally. It is bounded externally by the granular retrolimbic area 29[BTO:0003979].

has exact synonym

ectosplenial area

Brodmann area 26

Brodmann (1909) area 26

Brodmann area 26, ectosplenial

area 26 of Brodmann-1909


area 26 of Brodmann

area ectosplenialis

has related synonym

area 26 of Brodmann (guenon)

brodmann's area 26


ectosplenial area 26



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