Paired appendage that consists of the anterior appendicular skeleton and associated soft and hard tissues, but excludes the pectoral girdle and its associated soft and hard tissues. [ VSAO:0000150-modified ]

Synonyms: anterior paired appendage anterior limb/fin pectoral limb/fin forelimb/pectoral fin forelimb or pectoral fin forelimb - pectoral fin

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database cross reference
  • VHOG:0001753
  • VSAO:0000125


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anterior appendage

homology notes

While the skeletons of teleost pectoral fins and tetrapod forelimbs are homologous at the level of endoskeletal radials, teleosts and tetrapods do not share homologous skeletal elements at the level of 'individuated' pro-, meso-, and metapterygia. Among osteichthyans, only basal actinopterygians retain the full complement of elements present in non-osteichthyan gnathostomes.[uncertain][VHOG]