A depression or hollow in a bone[WP]. [ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fossa#Anatomy ]

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plural term
depressions [ TAO : 0001743 ]
plural term
concavities [ TAO : 0001743 ]
plural term
fossae [ TAO : 0001743 ]
  • A depression or hollow in a bone[WP].
external definition
  • Anatomical space that is a concavity, shallow depression, or groove on a bone.[TAO]
external ontology notes
  • General Anatomical term in FMA; not restricted to bone in ncit; surface feature in VSAO; note that entities named 'fossa' are cavities in FMA, hence placement here
has related synonym
  • depressions
  • groove
  • depression
  • concavity
  • concavities
  • fossae
  • UBERON:0004704

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