interventricular septum membranous part

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The membranous portion of the wall between the two lower chambers of the heart [ MP:0008823 ]

Synonyms: membranous part interventricular septum cardiac ventricular membranous septum pars membranacea (septi interventricularis) pars membranacea septi interventricularis membranous portion of interventricular septum membranous part of interventricular septum membranous interventricular septum

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latin term
pars membranacea septi interventricularis [ FMA:7135 FMA:TA ]

external definition

The membranous septum is the upper part of ventricular septum[GO:0003149].

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has broad synonym

ventricle membranous septum

ventricular membranous septum

membranous septum

has related synonym

membranous interventricular septum