A transparent homogeneous acellular layer, 6 to 9 um thick, lying between the basal lamina of the outer layer of stratified epithelium and the substantia propria of the cornea; it is considered to be a basement membrane. [ ncithesaurus:Bowman_s_Membrane ]

Synonyms: anterior limiting lamina of cornea Bowman's membrane anterior elastic lamina Bowman's anterior elastic lamina lamina limitans anterior (cornea) lamina limitans anterior corneae anterior limiting lamina Bowman's layer

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Term information


pheno_slim, vertebrate_core

latin term
lamina limitans anterior corneae [ FMA:TA FMA:58273 ]

external definition

Acellular anatomical structure that is the zone of collagen fibers adjacent the basement membrane of the corneal epithelium.[TAO]

has related synonym

anterior limiting membrane

Reichert's membrane



taxon notes

Compared to terrestial animals, the cornea of zebrafish is relatively flat. It consists of nonpigmented, stratified squamous nonkeratinizing epithelial cells, attached to a thick basement membrane that is considered to be analogous to the Bowman's membrane in mammals