A distal phalanx that is part of a hand digit 1 [Automatically generated definition]. [ OBOL:automatic ]

Synonyms: thumb distal phalanx distal phalanx of manual digit I manual digit 1 distal phalanx pollical distal phalanx first distal phalanx of hand PDP distal phalanx of first digit of hand distal phalanx of thumb

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The human pollical distal phalanx (PDP) has a pronounced insertion for the flexor pollicis longus (asymmetric towards the radial side), an ungual fossa, and a pair of dissymmetric ungual spines (the ulnar being more prominent). This asymmetry is necessary to ensure that the thumb pulp is always facing the pulps of the other digits, an osteological configuration which provides the maximum contact surface with held objects.