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Organ that is part of the hematopoietic system. [ GOC : Obol ]

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Term information


pheno_slim, organ_slim

  • Organ that is part of the hematopoietic system.
editor note
  • consider splitting out lymph organ, compare with lymph node
external definition
  • the organs in which the formed elements of the blood and lymph are produced[].
external ontology notes
  • the FMA class 'lymphoid organ' is a general anatomical term
has exact synonym
  • organ of haematological system
  • hematopoeitic organ
  • haematological system organ
  • hematopoietic system organ
  • haemopoietic system organ
  • organ of haemopoietic system
  • organa haemopoietica organ
  • organ of organa haemopoietica
  • organ of hematopoietic system
has narrow synonym
  • hematopoeitic or lymphoid organ
  • lymph organ
  • lymphoid organ
  • UBERON:0004177

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