An epithelial tube that will give rise to the mature heart. [ ]

Synonyms: embryonic heart tube endocardial tube endocardial heart tube

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database cross reference
  • EFO:0003526
  • ZFA:0000360
  • TAO:0000360
  • EMAPA:32685
  • XAO:0000337
  • AAO:0010411
  • NCIT:C34161

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external definition

the paired, longitudinal, endothelial-lined channels formed from the cardiogenic mesoderm in embryonic development; angiogenic cell clusters (aka angioblastic cords) located in a horse-shoe shape configuration in the cardiogenic plate coalesce to form the right and left endocardial heart tubes which then fuse in cephalo-caudal direction to form a single primitive heart tube.