The optic vesicle is the evagination of neurectoderm that precedes formation of the optic cup[GO]. Portion of tissue that is comprised of neuroepitheium which has pinched off from the anterior neural keel and will form the optic cup[ZFA]. [ ]

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pheno_slim, vertebrate_core

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optic vesicles [ ZFA:0000050 ]


Genes: Six3, Pax6, Rx1 are expressed together in the tip of the neural plate [ISBN:9780878932504 "Developmental Biology"]. Development notes: During subsequent develop- ment, the optic vesicle invaginates and becomes a two-layered structure with an inner neural retina and outer retinal pigment epithelium. As soon as the developing optic vesicle makes contact with the overlying ectoderm, it induces the ectoderm to thicken and form the lens placode [PMID:16496288]

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ocular vesicle


eye vesicle

optic vesicles

homology notes

(...) an essentially similar sequence of events occurs during the embryonic development of the vertebrate eye. The eye initially develops as a single median evagination of the diencephalon that soon bifurcates to form the paired optic vesicles.[well established][VHOG]