An internal pocketing of pharyngeal endoderm that contacts a region of ectoderm (a pharyngeal cleft) and interdigitates in the anterior and posterior directions with the pharyngeal arches. [ ]

Synonyms: visceral pouch branchial pouch

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visceral pouch


The pouches are polarized structures. For example, whereas the rostral half of each pouch expresses Bmp-7, the caudal half expresses FGF-8 and the dorsal aspect of each pouch is marked via its expression of Pax-1. each pouch has an individual sense of identity. Shh expression is a prominent early feature of the caudal endoderm of the second arch, and individual pouches mark the anterior limits of expression of Hox genes within the pharyngeal endoderm; Hox-a2 has a rostral boundary at the second pouch, Hox-a3 at the third pouch and Hox-a4 at the most caudal pouch[PMID:16313389]

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Outpocketings of pharyngeal endoderm that interdigitate with the neural crest derived pharyngeal arches. The pouches later fuse with the surface ectoderm to form the gill slits. Crump et al, 2004.[TAO]

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EMAPA also includes a distinct pouch endoderm

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pharyngeal pouches

visceral pouches

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A conserved feature of all vertebrate embryos is the presence of a series of bulges on the lateral surface of the head, the pharyngeal arches; it is within these structures that the nerves, muscles and skeletal components of the pharyngeal apparatus are laid down. The pharyngeal arches are separated by endodermal outpocketings, the pharyngeal pouches.[well established][VHOG]