The uvula (uvular lobe) forms a considerable portion of the inferior vermis; it is separated on either side from the tonsil by the sulcus valleculC&, at the bottom of which it is connected to the tonsil by a ridge of gray matter, indented on its surface by shallow furrows, and hence called the furrowed band. [ ]

Synonyms: lobule IX of cerebellum vermis uvula of cerebellum lobule IX of cerebellar posterior vermis vermic lobule IX neuraxis uvula uvula [vermis] uvula of vermis of cerebellum uvula (IX) cerebellar posterior vermis lobule IX

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The uvula is the second largest lobule, following the culmen. It pertains to the paleocerebellum and is separated from the nodule by the posterolateral fissure.

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uvula cerebellum

lobule IX of vermis



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