The irregular depression found on the posterior inner surface of the petrous portion of the temporal bone just below its crest and above and lateral to the internal acoustic meatus[MP]. [ ]

Synonyms: fossa subarcuata

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latin term
fossa subarcuata [ FMA:56418 FMA:TA ]


In the temporal bone, above and between the aquƦductus vestibuli is an irregular depression which lodges a process of the dura mater and transmits a small vein and the subarcuate artery[1] a branch of the internal auditory artery, which is an end artery that supplies blood to the inner ear ; in the infant this depression is represented by a large fossa, the subarcuate fossa, which extends backward as a blind tunnel under the superior semicircular canal. It is extensive in most primates (except for great apes) and nearly all mammals. In these animals, the subarcuate fossa houses a part of the cerebellum, the petrosal lobe[WP]